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Yoga Jamaica is to always bring Love,Joy, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Efficiency and Service. I and I will share our Creativity in Art, Chants, Yoga, Meditation and Everything that is good and Uplifing!

Yoga Jamaica is the re-connection of Physical Manifestation with Ivine Consciousness to remember the All-Mighty Haile Selassie I, the Giver of life. Let I and I Listen with our inner ears: Focussing on Deep Breathing; See and Feel the Power of Energy Movements; theWord and Sound justify JAH Reality Come.

I and I remind Life to breathe properly:

Inhale Positive Visions

Retain to find Strength

Exhale for Manifestation with Movement of Mind, Body and Soul in Harmony

I am Maji a Servant of the Most I Haile Selassie I who Anoint and Appoint I to share Ivine Conciousness in words and deeds to enlighten Life. I calling is one of  great empowerment to be of service to life for goodness so Prosperity will always flow. I have been practicing and teaching yoga in this present Manifestation on earth for eighteen years, being inspired and reminded by my Empress, Jasazii, who is a great and wonderful balance sent by Haile Selassie I to strengthen I Consciousness for male and female Togetherness for Harmounious Flow in life. I  am certified by the I.S.Y.E ( International Society Of Yoga Educators).

I have been Teaching Yoga in various resorts like Grand Lido San Souci, Enchanted Gardens, Beaches Grande Sport, Starfish, Grand Lido Braco and Hedonism 3. At present Iam at Sandals Royal Plantation teaching Yoga and at Couples San Souci  teaching Yoga and Meditation.

I am Blessed by Haile Selassie I with Creative Energy to have recorded two Nyahbinghi Albums, 1 Reggae Album, 2 Singles and a Meditation CD; all with  Positive Inspiration through Messages to Embrace Life’s Goodness.

When One Hears and Sees I Personally, One  will have One’s own Testimony of the Great Goodness of the All Mighty Haile Selassie I to his Servant.

I Await your Reconnection to Share this Great Empowerment for Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity!

To learn more about the truth Rastafari and the problems we are facing today as a society: visit


Hail!  Give Thanks and Praise for Life! Greatest of all Give Thanks and Praise to the All-Mighty, to the Most High Haile Selassie I the First, JAH Rastafari who
 Liveth and Reigneth ForIver and Iver. I come to the I with great Love and Joy in I Heart bringing the Word, Sound and 
 Power of Haile Selassie I to Glorify H.I.M. for the Wonderful Blessing of Iternal Life. In the Reality of Now let InI renew lnl Irits with and of Haile Selassie I for every good thing to live in Love, Joy and
 Happiness. Great is JAH Word and Great are InI who Publish It for there is great Reward from Haile Selassie I for doing so. Haile 
 Selassie is JAH Reality Come, the Seven Seals to Infinity. As the Armageddon steps up let InI Proclaim JAH name upon
 the Cosmic and Air Waves -east, west, north and south -Round about Iration for the Salvation of Life.
​Give the People a Reminder so they know who I AM especially InI who say JAH Rastafari.
Upon establishing the Chants, through request or otherwise, One should say: I AM With Maji for  I always go before I Servants.                                                                    
​ Haile Selassie I will always be the Root that Nourishes and Sustains Life.
 Hearken unto the Chants and let your Ivine Consciousness justify your acceptance to do this Great Honor.

​ Give Thanks for Life!!!
​ I AM With Maji


This Altar Brings forward the Remembrance of the Manifestation of Praising the Most Omnipotent Mighty Wise I of Creation Haile Selassie I in the Presence of the Altar. It is Empowering to know the Vision of what one is looking upon.

The Word that Created Life is First and Foremost; it is opened with Psalm 23 for Transition from Zion to earth and from earth to Zion.
 It is Transmitted through the Clear Quartz Crystal, earth's greatest natural Transmitter to reach all Life in the Universe.
 The Crystal Ball represents Creation that the All Mighty Haile Selassie I sees clearly at all times, even though there is a mist in the Ball which shows the All Mighty is Unfathomable. The Red Candle is the Mighty right arm of the All Mighty Haile Selassie I for Love and Security for all Life; especially those who are Good. The Yellow Candle represents the sun that giveth Energy to all Life. The Green Candle represents Love; It is on the left side where the Heart is. All Candles beareth fire upon them for Purification. The flames are in Motion to the left side that shows the presence of the Wind that the All Mighty Haile Selassie I rides upon. The Candle Holders are from Natural clay, unfired, to show Mother Earth sustains us with food. The Green and Clear Crystals maintain Zion and Earth Balance.. The White Candle is Purity that is the Assurance of Life in Joy and Happiness. It is in a Flourite Stone, which is good for Memory, so let us be reminded of these things. There are 4 Candles: White in front and the three on the other side which Represent 1 in 3 and 3 in 1. 1 before 3 is 13 the number of Ivine (Divine) Authority. The Stone between the White Candle and the word is found in the pool of the highest water fall in Ghana, West Africa. It is in the shape of the map of Jamaica which is an appropriate mystique for Haile Selassie I All Mighty Manifestation is manifested here in Jamaica in Glorification. The Red Gold and Green Banner with the Conquering Lion who has the Ivine Staff of Life in the right paw shows Authority of the Lion of Judah: Haile Selassie I. The Altar is made from Wood: The Tree of Life lives For-Iver! The Symbol in the center of the base of the Altar table is the Andinkra symbol which means “The All Mighty is Omnipotent”. It creates a male and female Balance The sides of the Altar (though not visible from the front) have the Symbol of the Ankh which is Life in the balance of the Power of the Trinity (Man, Woman, and Child).

The top left point of the Andinkra represents day as the rising of the sun is also there at the bottom left.The right side of the Andinkra is darker which stands for night .

 The Sea Shell is the manifestation of the Sea. Haile Selassie I found Life upon the Sea and established it upon the floods. There is also a pyramid from the Malachite stone to remind InI "Prince and Princess shall come out of Egypt, and Ethiopia shall  stretch forth her hands" to the All Mighty Haile Selassie I. Then there are stones of many kinds with more Clear Quartz Crystals at the Foundation of the Altar to know that Haile Selassie I is InI “Rock and Fortress”. The I AM that Abideth For-Iver.